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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Cowboys and Indians

Due to the full coverage of Le Tour de France on both Eurosport and Channel 4, your humble author has managed to reach new levels of procrastination. In an attempt to atone for this I submit some pictures of a game played some time ago featuring 1/72nd scale cowboys and Indians and fought with my house rules "Mr Featherstone, I presume?", a version of Donald Featherstone's rules for Close Wars for gridded boards.



  1. Nice looking game sir, those Revell indians take me back.

  2. Cheers. W H Britains plastic Cowboys and Indians were, I believe, the first Toy "Soldiers" I had. Indeed Revell Indians and a mix of Revell and Airfix Cowboys.

  3. Fun. I'd love to see a copy of your rules.

  4. Stephen
    Thanks for your interest - the rules are a simple grid wargame version of Donald Featherstone's Close Wars rules. I'll publish them in a new post shortly.

  5. I love seeing old Airfix figures still being used. The last couple of years I have had an interest in the "Old West", and have been looking for more Airfix cowboys. They tend to get very expensive on Ebay. Your board reminds me of my first wargame board when I started playing again. I drilled holes at the junction of the squares, which I would put my trees into.

  6. Thanks! Initially I marked the grid with just holes (punched in with a nail) but I found they weren't clear enough so I drew the grid on as well (none to accurately). I like the idea of planting trees in the holes.
    A lot of the early Airfix figures were very simple and had such charm and I really enjoy pulling them out of the toybox!